Hi there! My name is Maya and I’m the creator of this website! desicutout.com was started with the intention of increasing diversity in architectural visualizations through providing a library of cutouts of people of Indian and Asian descent.

I found that more often than not, us architecture students in India had to either use foreigners to populate our renders, losing authenticity of the entire visual, or resort to the time consuming task of actually making Indian cutouts. Fret not! desicutout.com is here!

Feel free to use these for any educational purpose, wherever high-quality cutouts may be required. I will be regularly updating the library with new people and objects.

Just as  legal disclaimer, allow me to reiterate: These are meant for educational purposes only. This puts us in a funny sort of situation, as renders are always created to ‘sell’ or ‘market’ a concept in a visual way. You cannot reuse images that someone else has taken without their permission, unless you are modifying the image to an extent that it is considered art. Many of these photographs are taken by me, and should be in the clear, but there are some that fall into this risky category (despite being labelled as safe for non-commercial reuse with modification in google images)

Let’s make this a library!  Feel free to email me your own cutouts if you wish (your name will be mentioned, of course) to desicutout@gmail.com. Further, if you find your image here, and would like it removed, please email me at desicutout@gmail.com